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Professional salon hair replacement, wig and extension services are now rapidly growing more than ever in new popularity. There are more hair extension, wig and laser hair restoration service companies exhibiting at the professional beauty trade shows across the globe. Hair restoration, wig and extension services are now much more main stream popular with everyone from women, men and teens to the Hollywood celebrities. Hair restoration certainly has its own special audience with those suffering from thin and thinning hair, alopecia and cancer treatments. Now is the time to position your salon as the best experts in town on these special services.

There are great salons on virtually every street corner, in every shopping center and mall across the globe. Everyone may be good at haircuts and haircolor, yet now is the time to take advantage of creating a special niche for yourself and your salon with professional salon hair restoration, replacement, wig and extension services.

There are many competitive advantages. The good news is that more people are now aware of the benefits of professional salon hair restoration services, wigs and extensions.

However, you really must stand out by marketing yourself as a hair restoration expert. It’s time to not only get yourself and your entire team certified on the latest laser treatments and hair extension artistry, you must really learn how to create a terrific marketing, advertising, promotional and PR campaign for these highly profitable and specialty salon services.

Hollywood celebrities, musicians and high profile women are definitely helping to make hair restoration, wigs and extensions the best and hottest new hair fashion trend again this year. Just watch the Red Carpet. Stars seem to magically go from smooth and sleek looks to long voluminous looks overnight – while wonderfully taking advantage of today’s newest salon service options. You should not be surprised to know that many of the male actors and musicians also now progressively take advantage of hair replacement services and wigs or wear hair extensions.

Define Your Unique Position With Professional Wigs & Extensions: Even if you don’t offer laser hair restoration therapies, do you have a salon service that you truly specialize in? Does your salon have and promote a specialty to set you apart from the competition? Do you know what your Unique Service Advantages are? Today, professional hair extension services are being promoted for much more than length. You can help your female and male clients with new volume, texture, highlights, lowlights, multi-dimensional haircolor and even fantasy hair fashion artistry. Wigs can be used for style, fashion, glamour and fun.

The Advantages Of So Many New Choices: Most salon clients do not really know to ask for a specific namebrand wig or hair extensions company. They just need to know that they will need your specialty services and products. Analyze the unique benefits of each wig and hair extensions’ brand, before you will be able to effectively market your specialty services. They really are not all the same! If you do not currently offer wigs or hair extensions in your salon, take the time to investigate these companies, while researching what comprehensive marketing, advertising and PR support they may be able to share with you. If you already do have wig and hair extension services in your salon, make sure that your manufacturer are supporting you with localized education and marketing programs.

Hair Extension & Wig Options: You must be up-to-date on all of the best wig as well as clip-in, tape-on, bonded or glue-in hair extension variables available, so that you may properly educate each of your clients on the special options and benefits. With all of the recent national media attention, most every woman understands wigs, clip on hair pieces and hair extensions today. They are easy solutions.

Hair Restoration, Extensions & Wig Consultations: Get ready to Ask, Analyze & Answer your client’s needs with options, benefits and solutions. Ask questions about their needs and desires. Take extra time to carefully analyze their needs and desires by probing with more questions. Once you have them clearly define their needs, desires, likes and dislikes, you merely need to educate your clients on the options available to them. There will be no need for any hard sell approach.

Your hair extension consultations should begin with an explanation of the differences between clip-on,, taped, bonded and glued techniques as well as the various Hot, Warm and Cold Fusion Hair Extension Techniques. There are certainly plenty of options with synthetic versus human hair qualities as well as with a variety of hair extension equipment and bonding techniques.

Hair Restoration, Wig & Extension Marketing Basics: It’s time to become respected as one of `THE top hair restorationists, wig specialists, extensionists and hair replacement experts’ in your town, through a well supported marketing, advertising and PR campaign. If you already offer these professional salon services and products, you now need to ensure that your local community knows this. Properly marketed, hair replacement, wig and extension artistry will definitely make you and your salon highly respected. It will enhance staff and client recruitment. It will also make you much more profitable. You will need to create an annual hair extension marketing plan that is complete with advertising, promotions, printed merchandising materials, special events and media relations.

Marketing With Service Menus: Hopefully you already have a traditional salon service menu. If you do, make sure you add one full section or page on each of your professional wig, hair replacement, restoration and hair extension services. Like specialty haircolor services, you may even want to consider creating a separate menu dedicated to these special professional hair services while sharing your expertise. This service menu should explain the many benefits, options and variables. It should explain what to ask for, what to expect and how your client’s should take care of their new hair, wigs and hair extensions at home between salon visits. We suggest that you show off some of your best before and after hair extension makeover photographs.

Service & Pricing Strategies: You need to carefully analyze your own marketplace, before you begin to successfully promote hair restoration, wigs, replacement and extensions.

You really do not need to worry too much about anyone else’s service prices, especially if you are the only one offering these services. Sell on quality, not on price! Start at the top with high prices that will command a special level of respect for your quality of hair, wigs and extensions as well as your level of expertise. You can certainly price your specialty services in competitive manner like you do for your haircuts and haircolor. You really do not need to offer low prices or discounts. Don’t try to undercut anyone else. Put a value on your time and talent, which will command respect.

Marketing & Advertising Strategies! If you really want to become respected as the best team of hair restoration, replacement, wig and extension specialists in your area, you will need to create a complete annual marketing, advertising and PR strategy, while balancing it with. If no other local salon has created a position for themselves as the leaders in one or all of these categories, then you will need to create a marketing plan that will earn this title for you. Even if others do offer hair extensions locally, there’s no reason you cannot become respected as the top hair extensionist. There are many options and promotional strategies that you may consider.

 Print Advertising: Consider advertising your hair replacement, restoration and extension makeover artistry in some of the best local city and regional magazines.

Even if you only acquire ¼, 1/3 or ½ page full color advertisements two to three times per year, this will help to position you as one of the top specialists in town. We do not recommend newspaper advertising unless they are offering a special salon, haircare, hair extensions or ‘Best Of’ section.

 Direct Mail Marketing: Direct mail should become an essential part of your annual marketing strategy! Create colorful postcards with beautiful makeover photographs and your logo on the front with a personalized message about complimentary consultations on the backside. Collect the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses from your clients. Create a computerized direct mail database of your clients, so you will be able to mail them special hair extension postcards, newsletters, fliers and brochures. Explore upscale direct mail magazines, like Clipper Magazine, Savvy Shopper and Mint – where you can affordably promote your services for about 3 to 4 cents per home, while reaching as many as 50,000 homes surrounding your

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 Email Marketing: This strategy should also now become another essential part of your annual marketing strategy! Create colorful email blasts with some of your most amazing makeovers. Create a special computerized email database of your clients, so you or your webmaster will be able to email them news, promotions and makeover ideas on your specialty salon services.

 Internet & Website Marketing: Make sure your website promotes your specialty hair restoration, wig and extension services while sharing a complete gallery of your makeover photographs. Tell about all of your various services, products and extras.

 Radio & TV Broadcast Advertising Options: We recommend consideration of cable TV and radio advertising in small city markets or if you have multiple locations in a large metropolitan city. Radio and TV are quite expensive, if you buy preferred drive time spots. It is not worth buying any ‘Run Of Schedule’ with odd hours in the middle of the night. Radio and TV will usually target a much larger area than you need, while most salon clients still will only drive 3 to 5 miles for their services. If you can afford it and you can put together an ongoing campaign, then do it. Your radio and TV stations will help you create the commercials, so negotiate for these as part of your annual advertising agreement package.

You Must Wear Them To Sell Them! This is true. You have heard this before for creative haircolor and highlight artistry. This is even more true for professional salon wigs and hair extensions. Make sure everyone on your staff wears them, especially your receptionists. You cannot effectively sell wigs or hair extensions if you don’t

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 Pretty For Prom & Fun Bridal Party Promotions: We have had fun promoting a few fantasy color hair extension pieces to match the prom dresses, bridesmaid’s gowns or party dresses for only $10 per piece or $25 for three hair strands / pieces. You can run advertisements in the high school and college newspapers as well as to run full color advertisements in your regional bridal magazines. You can offer 3 FREE Hair Extension strands / pieces to match any prom, homecoming or bridal party dress, with complete ‘Pretty For Prom’ or ‘Bridal Party’ Packages – each with a new haircut, haircolor or highlight, upstyle, eyebrow arch, manicure and pedicure.

 Seasonal Extension Promotions: You can also seasonally promote temporary hair extensions with fantasy haircolor artistry for holidays with green for St. Patrick’s Day, red or pink for Valentine’s Day, orange and black for Halloween. You can promote hair extensions with team colors for the big local and national football games.

 Hair Restoration, Extension, Wig & Makeover Consultation Books: These are very important to have available in your salon and for promotions. Share as many of your own makeover photographs as you can in your advertising, posters and point-ofpurchase materials. Create your own ‘Makeover Consultation Stylebooks’. Include feature articles about hair extensions, wigs and hair replacement services from local and national magazines.

 Reception Area Stylebooks: Passion International Stylebooks just published their first two Passion Hair Extension & Salon+ Stylebooks this past year with makeovers and versatile hair designs from top salons across the USA. Many salons and manufacturers are represented. Whether you make your own or purchase a stylebook, these are great visual merchandising tools to share with your clients during consultations. We suggest that you take professional photographs of your makeovers to send out to the many national consumer hair magazines and stylebooks.

 Teens: Teen girls love hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs for instant makeovers with added texture, length, fantasy haircolor, highlights and style. They love everything fun, flirty and fashionable. With teens, you can promote temporary clip-ons, hair pieces and permanent hair extensions. Create special Teen Nights with lecture demonstrations and educational events in your salon and at the local high schools.

Hand out special Salon V.I.P. Cards and Gift Certificates to everyone in attendance.

 Men: Men have hair challenges too! With aging baby boomers, alopecia, thinning hair challenges and hair loss, they will always make a wonderful target market for your services. Create and market a special program just for men with thin and thinning hair.

Once you have a few men start to wear your wigs as well as your hair extensions for volume, body, length, texture and highlights, you will be surprised at how many more men you will start to handle. Today, they are very interested in hair restoration and replacement services.

 Cross Marketing: Visit with local dermatologists and medical clinics that help teens and women with alopecia or those that are recovering from chemotherapy treatments.

Drop off your cards and brochures, while offering free private and confidential

–  –  –

 Point-Of-Purchase Merchandising: Create colorful tent cards, mirror cards, counter cards, self talkers, posters, window banners and outdoor signage that will seasonally promote all of you creative hair replacement, wig and extension services both in and outside of your salon. Be sure to share big photographs of your best makeovers on

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