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The kiosk also offers many lower-priced, faster-moving items, including clip-on extensions, updos, feathers and crystals, and various hair accessories. The feathers, which Smith says are a hot item right now, start at $6—or $4 for a synthetic version. Updos, made with fake hair, run $15 apiece; typically, two pieces will be combined to create a fuller style.

When Smith and her daughter, Robin Wittlief, started the business, they envisioned a target market of women ages 16 to 45. But the age range is much wider than they anticipated.

“With the feather extensions for little girls, and the updos—which appeal to the prom girls up to older ladies—the age range is more like 4 to 85,” Smith says.

Tangles has averaged one high-end hair extension per week, which Smith considers an excellent start. “In the salons, we only did about two per year,” she says. Her current goal is two to three high-end extensions per week. Even though the extensions are expensive, Smith says there are a lot more customers willing to do it here in the mall than in the salon. She estimates that about 1 in 10 people who have inquired about the high-end hair extensions have made an appointment.

At first, Tangles kept the high-end hair extensions at the kiosk, but quickly moved them to a warehouse to make room for faster-moving items. Walk-in customers that request one typically will have to come back in an hour, so that the item can be retrieved. Most customers make appointments, which suits the partners better, since they can then take turns manning the kiosk.

The hair extensions are attached using a technique known as microbinding, which does not require a license. Conversely, glue binding would require a license, since it involves the use of chemicals, Smith says. Smith uses crimping beads, which are attached to the hair with a pair of pliers. The beads are the same color as the customer’s hair and blend in.

Tangles is also using the kiosk to promote a side business. “We have a ‘Glam Squad’—a select group of professional hair stylists, makeup artists and nail techs—that we send to bridal, bachelorette, sweet 16 and mommy-and-me birthday parties,” Smith says. This service is promoted with signage at the cart.

So far Smith has relied exclusively on word-of-mouth advertising. While some items such as feathers are trendy right now, Smith expects that hair accessories will always be in style.21

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The hair extension market is estimated to be worth over 10 Billion per annum. This of course won't matter to you because from a local prospective your main focus will be on getting clients, gaining a good reputation and getting paid for the professional service you provide. Here are just a few tips on how you can improve your image, get more referrals and streamline your income.

There are over 36 different hair extension techniques in the market place. If you really want to plan to be a success in this market, then you have to choose to become totally proficient in several techniques. Visit www.needamakeover.co.uk for more information on all http://specialtyretail.com/issue/2012/01/retail-products/new-notables/letting_their_hair_down/ Article by Diane Shawe M.Ed extracted from "Getting started in the hair extension business" Author Diane Shawe the various hair extension training courses. There are many types of clients out there with varying hair problems, plan to be of service to them. Restricting yourself is restricting your potential income.

People like busy hairdressers, just as they like busy restaurants. They think that they must be good if they’re busy. When the hair extension studio is quiet use the time for styling the staffs’ hair. Get busy with staff training, or ask the staff to clean the hair extension studio.

It’s also a good idea to advertise for models on certain days. Keep things moving in your hair extension studio, never let it look like a ghost town, it will scare the clients away.

Get quality training We previously mentioned the importance of getting quality training. Why don’t you visit www.expressstrainingcourses.com for more information on all the different training techniques?23 Be classy (even if you’re working from home) It’s best to set your hair extension studio up so that the right impact is made right from the moment the clients make an entrance. Remember that the more professional the hair extension studio looks, the more you will be able to charge, as you will attract a more up market clientele. I always advise that the overall look must not outweigh the warmth and welcome of the studio. Clients like to feel relaxed with the staff and environment, not as if they are on show.

Flowers in the reception always add a touch of class. So does a smiling face, which helps to make each client’s visit a welcoming one right from the start. You can make the waiting area more impressive by including a great retail area, some hair extension brochures, https://www.sunzu.com/articles/how-to-boost-your-hair-extensions-business-image/ and a book containing before and after photos. Provide some new, interesting magazines and hair books. Toss out the old or torn ones.

There should be a cupboard or rack for coats, or like some hairdressers have, a small dressing room for clients, who are given a gown to wear. This is a great idea as it removes the problem of high collars being in the way and clothes being ruined.

Make sure there is a place for everything and enough storage space, so that the hair extension studio can be kept tidy. Get rid of the old wraps, used or shabby towels and worn brushes. Never have dirty combs or tongs lying around. All of these things make a bad impression on clients.

Don’t be afraid to change with the times. If your hair extension studio starts to look outdated give it a facelift. Invest in the latest equipment. Make sure that the chairs not only look good, but also feel comfortable.

Do everything you can to make the clients feel that they are getting the best of everything. The more your hair extension studio oozes class, the more the clients will love it.

They won’t mind paying for it either.

Create a private space for clients with special needs It is worth noting that not all clients want to be on public display. They might have a lot of hair loss which is embarrassing enough and want discretion. Some clients might visit your studio with a wig on and would not relish taking it off in front of everyone in order for you to conduct a consultation. So it is worth having a private area where you can discuss their needs in private.

Create an effective retail area Make sure your clients can get close enough to the retail area to stand and peruse the products. Don’t put products on shelves behind the counter. It’s best to make everything accessible. Keep your hair extension retail area professional. Stock quality products that will ensure they can instantly look after their lovely new hair.

Make sure every item has a small price sticker. Make up some value packs for each range of products. The pack should be priced reasonably lower than the items would cost when bought separately.

Make sure to show the total value, the pack price and the saving. Design the value packs so that they may be given as gifts.

Even though the separate products may be expensive, people will buy the packs if they see that they are getting extra value by buying more items. The profit margin will be less on each product, but you will most likely be selling more items than the clients would normally buy at once. This will give you a bigger overall profit than you would make otherwise.

Display an impressive looking gift voucher along with its special envelope.24 Use and sell quality products Boost your hair extension studio’s image by promoting the fact that you use the best products. For instance you only supply quality professional hair used by professionals only.

You are far better to use quality products and charge adequately for them, than to use cheap brands and have clients complaining of matting hair and other problems.

Let the quality image flow through from the products you use, to the retail products that you sell. Make sure that the retail area is displayed stylishly and keep plenty of stock so that you don’t run out.

https://www.sunzu.com/articles/how-to-boost-your-hair-extensions-business-image/ Computers are the way to go I am not recommending that you go out and spend hundreds of pounds on a system just to impress the client. But some of these new tills can be quite impressive and attached to a computer system with Hairdressing software can include an appointment book, stock control and ordering system, bar coding, individual and total sales, wages, client records, marketing aids and more. With some software you can a enter client’s photo to get an idea of what particular styles will look like on that client.

Some hairdressers still like to make appointments in a book, but use a computer for everything else. I have to say that books are a good backup just in case your computer should crash. You’ve been warned.

Display some photos Start taking photos of impressive styles created in the hair extension studio. Make up a special book for them and keep it in the reception area for the clients to look at while waiting.

Remember to keep exchanging the photos for newer ones as the styles become out-dated.

It is a good idea to take before and after shots as new clients like to get an overall picture of the final outcome.

Try not to take flat unimaginative shots of clients you have worked with, be creative.

With digital cameras, you can experiment with different shots and then select the most professional one that looks classy. Holiday snap type photos will not do.

You could even invest in some good quality photo print paper and print some for picture frames in your salon. Clients won’t mind you taking photos of their hair. They’ll think their hairstyle must be pretty special if you want a photo of it.

Be personalable - Play messages to on-hold clients Clients don’t like being put on hold, but when it’s unavoidable you could make the most of the time that they are waiting. While you have each client’s full attention, play on hold messages to them. You can usually arrange some of these digital services via your telephone providers.

You could have the messages made professionally or make them yourself. This is a good strategy to implant different ideas into clients’ minds.

Messages could contain news of any new products or services available, new employees, gift vouchers available, times that the hair extension studio is open, or even the need for training models.

Refreshments It is good manners to offer clients refreshments. It’s very bad manners to ask them to pay for it. It’s a bit of a rude shock to a client, to be in an expensive, so called up market hair extension studio, to have refreshments added to the bill.

It’s not the money that is the problem. Clients can be offended at the rudeness and meanness. It’s important to give added value, little extras. If clients aren’t even worth offering refreshments to, then it’s a bad sign.

Be aware of the new trend towards healthier products such as fruit teas, juices and water. Clients now like a choice. It’s trendy, up market and very now. Keep some nice glasses and cups available.

There is also nothing worse than the inside of a cup being stained from previous use and then served to a client. If a client is spending several hundred pounds then make sure the items you use are professional, clean and smacks of hygiene.25 https://www.sunzu.com/articles/how-to-boost-your-hair-extensions-business-image/ Extend Your Potential With Specialty Service Advantages!

Many women wear hair extensions. In 2014 I don’t think I have one friend that doesn’t wear hair extensions. Hair extensions are now worn as an accessory; women are no longer ashamed or embarrassed to say they’re wearing hair extensions. Hair extensions are part of a woman personality or more like another form of an artistic express of themselves. If you sell hair then you probably already know, Women wear what they can afford, some women wear virgin and remy hair and some women wear synthetic hair extensions. Whichever textures and colors you carry; you should be marketing and advertising your brand all the time. That includes how you appear in public as well. You also need to keep up with the trends within your market; you need to know your strengths, your weaknesses, new opportunities and threats, which includes competitors and changes to the industry. Knowing this information will give you a true picture of how your hair extension business could or should be running. It will help you analyze your business set up and it will also help you to market and advertise your business correctly so you don’t waist a ton of money unnecessarily.

Marketing targeted to the consumers you want as customers: 26 Who do you want to buy your hair extensions brand? Do you want a particular type of woman or will do you want to cater to everyone. Catering to everyone also means all ethnic groups. You can break your market up into sections, this will make it easier for you to target. Make a list of places you feel your hair extensions will add value. You can target bridal shops, team up with salons that you can partner with and offer a bridal package. What about teenagers? There are so many events that take place within high school, like homecoming, Prom and various other https://howtosellremyandvirginhair.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/marketing-strategies-for-your-hair-extensionsbrand/ activities. Get the schools permission and pass out fliers to the teenagers when school ends for the day. Form partnerships with everything related to fashion and beauty or that cater to the same type of customers that you want to purchase your hair extensions. You can also target boutiques, since hair extensions are now an accessory, boutiques are willing to carry your brand. You could also have a fashion event with the boutique have models wearing your hair extensions brand while wearing clothes from the boutique and invite the local community to the event.Team up with nail shops, offer a free manicure with the purchase of two bundles, of course the cost of the manicure should be added into the retail price but nail shops will be happy to partner with you and ask them to give a 10.00 off flier to every customer. Find out if a local company wants to advertise with you so it’s cheaper.

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