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«HAIR EXTENSION divality.com Content Introduction.. 3 Global Demand.. 4 US Market.. 5 UK Market.. 8 South Africa Market.. 14 Hair Extensions ...»

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For many, hair is one of the defining characteristics that African women use to transform their appearance. In Rita Dantaa’s hair salon in downtown Johannesburg, rows of wigs and hair extensions mask the walls. Shelves under the mirrors are filled with gels, creams, mousses and hairspray. Her customers are not wealthy but they are still prepared to

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Dipping her hand into a large white tub, Dantaa then smothers potent relaxer onto her customer’s hair.

“So after relaxing the hair, one week time or two weeks time, she need to come and do treatment to protect the hair from breaking, and then when she finish, she can decide to put a weave or braid or leave her hair like this - it’s up to her,” Dantaa explained.

Sodium hydroxide is the key ingredient used in relaxers, and can smooth out even the toughest afro curls. But it burns the scalp if left on too long. Dantaa quickly moves to rinse the white cream off her customer’s hair after she complains that her head is burning.

“It’s a bit hot, let’s say….like when you put a weave, once you are scratching, you are bringing sores on your scalp, so if you scratch too much and you relax you get burnt. It’s not bad, it grows the hair and it makes the hair look nice,” she said.

Another popular practice is the application of hair extensions or weaves in which strands of hair are woven in. At Rita's salon, synthetic hair extensions cost $10. In Johannesburg’s upmarket business district, prices range up to $800 for hair extensions.

Donald Zaburoni has been a hair stylist for nearly 10 years. He said the improving quality of human hair extensions has driven demand, although for some women, the time and the potential pain is not worth it.

“You have people in SA that prefer to be all African natural, they don't go for weaves, they don't go any other thing" he explained. " Most of my clients used to have weaves, used to relax their hair - then they realized that this is not for me…So with your natural hair you do your corn rows, you do anything with it, you want to rock up in your afro - you rock up in your afro."

In Africa the need for effective human hair extension, braid and dreadlock removal has grown enormously because nearly one out of every three Afrian women worldwide suffers from some sort of hair loss, as well as the emotional distress that it causes. Tangled Hair Techs provide specialty extension removal services for:15  anyone who cannot grow their hair for any reason;

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 bad haircut or destruction during color processes and/or highlights;

 people with mild alopecia; and  cancer survivors growing out their hair.

Tangled Hair Techs and Leading Wome of Africa are working together to train hairdressers and women in the technique of Take Down Removal System of de-tangling severely matted hair, dreadlocks, tangled hair clumps, and “Birds Nests” Syndrome. Their mission is to save hair and preserve your God given beauty. In addition, Take Down Africa http://pressportal.co.za/fashion-and-lifestyle/story/2921/consumer-demand-for-hair-extensions-braidsdreadlocks-increase-hair-loss-in-african-women.html Ltd.,is the first company to offer hair extension, braid, dreadlock and matted or tangled hair removal training classes worldwide. They are pioneers in the development of tangled hair removal services and training. They are the only company that has revolutionized the industry by mastering more than 20 different braid, hair extension and dreadlock removal techniques.

South Africa Online stats – hair extension on search engines Source: http://www.google.com/trends/explore?hl=enUS#q=Hair%20extensions&geo=GB&cmpt=q&tz=

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Hair Extension options. Extensions will not remove or break your hair if mended & removed properly. It is Important to find a trained extension specialist to care for your extensions and your hair following extensions.

Clip-in Extensions Micro link Extensions Fusion Extensions Tape-in Extensions

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Source: http://www.visitcabana.com/hair-extentions.html Cabana Salon specializes in 100% Human Hair Extensions thus using state of the art industry methods that are comfortable, healthy and long lasting. With High quality Human Hair Extensions, you can achieve length, fullness or add color to your hair without the use of chemicals. Our unique healthy hair application method cause zero damage to your hair. The texture, color and style of your Hair Extensions are customized to ensure the most natural look as possible. We offer Clips In Hair extensions for a temporary solution, as well as semi permanent solutions such as Fusion Hair Extensions, Tape In Hair extensions and Micro Links Hair Extensions. We only use top quality Remy Human Hair Extensions that will last and can be shampooed, colored and maintained just as your natural hair.

Which Methods are Available?

 Keratin Fusion (Hot Fusion) Hair Extensions: Individual keratin-tipped strands are

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 Micro Link (Cold Fusion) Hair Extensions: Individual keratin-tipped strands  Tape-in Hair Extensions: Wefts of hair are attached to small sections of your natural

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 Weave Method (Sew-in) Extensions: Your natural hair is braided in rows, wefts of hair are woven (with thread) onto the braids.

 Bonded Method (Glued) Extensions: Wefts are applied using a latex hair glue to the

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What Are The Best Hair Extensions?

Finding the right extension method will depend on budget, preference, and hair type.

While fusion, link and tape-in extensions can be used on just about any hair texture weaving extensions are best for coarser textured hair, which has enough strength and texture to hold the cornrow braid.

Remy Hair Extensions are by far The Best Human Hair Extensions on the market for because it achieves the most natural look. In non Remy Hair Extensions, the cuticles are stripped which affects the quality of the hair. In Human Remy Hair Extensions, the cuticles are left intact creating hair with a soft, shiny, silky smooth texture with a breath taking appearance with absolutely no tangles making this the highest grade Hair Replacement system.

How long do Hair Extensions take?

Application time varies depending on the method of application, Methods are as follows:16  Tape In & Bonded Hair Extensions: 45 mins-2 hours  Micro- link and Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions: 2 to 3 hours  Sew-In Extensions: 1.5-2.5 hours Clip In Extensions are the quickest, the service is limited to a simple consultation to make sure your color is matched and a brief demo to show you how to place your new Clip On Hair Extensions.

How long do Hair Extensions last?

 Keratin Fusions last the longest: 3-4 months (Fusion extensions, once removed, you

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 Tape in requires more frequent maintenance (every six to eight weeks), they last 1-3 months. Tape-in extensions can be removed and reapplied, you don't have to purchase

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All type of Human Hair Extensions require some maintenance. Included with each Cabana Hair extension service is a Professional extension safe moisturizing shampoo and conditioner free of sulfate and paraben and a specialty hair extension brush. This will be all you need for home care and the products will last for at least a year. For Tape In Hair http://www.visitcabana.com/hair-extentions.html Extensions, Micro links Hair Extensions and Weave In Hair Extensions, the hair can last longer but a visit every 4 to 8 weeks for upkeep is recommended to ensure proper care and longevity of your extensions.

Human Versus Synthetic Hair?

When it comes to purchasing hair, you get what you pay for. Price will vary greatly based on quality of the hair, as well as the desired quantity (for thickness) and length. Virgin (never-before-processed) Remy human hair is the highest quality and runs upwards of several hundred dollars per bunch (and some heads may require more than one). The hair cuticle is preserved, instead of stripped, and all the hairs run in the same direction, maintaining that natural soft, silky texture. Synthetic hair is much cheaper ($50 to $100) but won't blend or style the way human hair does. Synthetic hair won't always withstand heat styling and tangles easily. Be careful when purchasing hair from unknown vendors, in some cases extension hair is blended with human and synthetic. This is why we only use the best quality Virgin and Remy Human Hair.

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It’s a Saturday morning at Extensions Plus in Minneapolis. Owner Lillian Anderson ties tight braids into a customer’s scalp. Another walks in asking for a place to rest her wig.

She’s performing as Etta James at a concert that evening and needs to spruce up her hairdo.

Anderson goes back to braiding and then takes a needle and thread to the first customer’s hair http://tcbmag.com/Industries/Retail-and-Hospitality/Inside-The-Twin-Cities-Fast-Changing-Market-For-Hu to sew in a weave. The customer has been battling thinning hair and explains to Anderson that extensions have made her hair healthier.

Anderson takes a scissors to the weave, blending it with the woman’s natural hair, and finishes by curling everything, in what she calls “Hollywood-glam” style. The weaves and extensions women wear have become commonplace, but the journey they take from producer to consumer is anything but.

From the moment a lock is lopped off a woman’s hair at a temple in India to the point it finds its way to a buyer’s head, the human hair extension industry crosses states, ethnicities and socio-economic groups. The Twin Cities market has expanded exponentially since the first retailer opened its doors over 30 years ago. What was once a niche business has gone mainstream. Yet it remains the only trade where humans grow something on their body to enhance another’s. And whether you’re talking old-school weaves or modern extensions, it still all begins on someone’s head.

Local Market The human hair business is a rather hidden trade—unless you’re looking for it, you’re not going to find it. Minnesota’s hair extension sales industry started out in beauty supply stores such as Ed Perlman’s Minneapolis-based Variety Beauty Supply about 35 years ago.

His was one of three stores selling hair—along with conditioner, shampoo, hair clips and other accessories.

In the beginning, the hair extension business typically targeted women with short, kinky, curly hair who wanted long, straight locks; it wasn’t until the late ’90s that the market diversified and white women became part of the clientele. Celebrity marketing, such as Jessica Simpson’s hair extension line that debuted in 2006, helped spur the human hair business into the $1 billion industry it is today, according to statistics from the Professional Beauty Association.

In 1992, Sunny Memberr and his wife, Lisa, started South Minneapolis-based Sunny’s Hair, Minneapolis’s first hair boutique, says partner Dafina Smith, selling solely extensions and wigs. In the last two decades, the retail hair business in the Twin Cities has taken off in the last decade, from three extension retailers to more than 30. Weaves and wigs are the province of these specialty vendors, but simple hair extensions are now the stock in trade of most salons.

The expanding market has fed competition. The biggest players are stores that have a direct relationship with vendors, says Perlman. Suppliers like Minneapolis’s 7 Mile Fashion have an advantage because they buy directly from Asian vendors that harvest hair and the factories that buy hair. They cut out the middleman and sell for less, Perlman notes.

That’s something that relative newcomer Lillian Anderson, owner of Extensions Plus in Minneapolis, knows too well.

Anderson is a long-tenured practitioner and one of the few hair extension retailers who also does the weaves for clients who purchase the extensions. Her clientele has shifted upmarket and diversified over the years. She’s keenly aware of the changing dynamics of the hair business. “[Asian-owned stores] have completely taken over the market,” Anderson says, putting traditional retailers like her at a disadvantage due to the inability to buy direct.

She opened her first store in 1998 in a 400-square-foot space on Bloomington Avenue with a $20,000 investment. She was profitable after the first year and saw 50 percent growth in the next. From there, she moved three times before settling down at an 800-square-foot location at 1023 Washington Ave. S. in 2010. Since the move, she’s seen 1 to 2 percent annual growth, but competition is keen. It’s particularly difficult, she says, to get name recognition with market leaders like Sunny’s in the game.

Anderson has reacted by specializing in custom weaves and offering hair application and styling. Anderson purchases ponytails of hair from Russia, India, China, Malaysia or Brazil and personally weaves them in for customers. By offering both retail and hair installation, she hopes to create a unique value equation.

The Customer

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The domestic demand for hair extensions is largely driven by celebrity trends, which means the market is heaviest on the trend-focused urban areas on the East and West coasts.

Sunny’s—which has expanded to Atlanta and Phoenix since its inception in Minneapolis— has a large client base in the entertainment industry. Smith says the Twin Cities market has seen a shift since celebrity trends boosted the popularity of extensions. On one hand, the market has broadened—socioeconomically and racially. On the other, says Perlman, longstanding customers are buying less frequently in the inner city.

An average customer of Anderson’s will spend about $150 on hair and $150 each time they want to get it tightened—about twice a month. That’s about $3,750 a year, and the customer will have to buy new hair every two to four years, even if it’s the best quality. This is still relatively inexpensive compared to high-end salons that offer extensions.

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