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«GETTING STARTED IN YOUR ARBONNE BUSINESS GETTING STARTED CHECKLIST with VP Consultant Name:_ Date: Complete Getting Started 1-2-3 Document 1. Signup ...»

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Consultant Name:_____________________ Date:____________

Complete Getting Started 1-2-3 Document

1. Signup 2. Purchase your products 3. Book your 8 parties.

Listen to Discover Arbonne

Live every Wed at _________ pm CST – dial ______-______-__________ access_______________# Determine and write down WHY you need this business. 21 Reasons WHY These reasons need to motivate you to work this business. They need to pull at your heart.

Complete your 100 person contact list Hostess Coach to avoid Party Cancellations – (How to Hostess Coach Document attached) Map‐out how to become a District Manager. (use attached RACE to DM document) GOAL DATE To Promote to DM____________________

Participate in all Sunday night training calls.

Sunday Nights at: _________ p.m CST DIAL: ______-______-_________ access _______________# Get on your name added to your RVPs email blast Open free checking account and debit card for your Arbonne Business.

Arbonnize your home - replace your personal care products in your home with Arbonne Sign up for your myarbonne website.

Sign up for a Learn N Burn subscription:

www.arbonne.com, then internet consultantstrainingsubscription. ($5.00 a month) Register for Vacation Trip (talk to your sponsor about how to earn), if applicable Purchase your non-Arbonne items for your parties and organize your bags off the packing for your parties document (attached) Review this month’s schedule of events and attend all local meetings with guests.

Start Building Your Dream Team:

List 5 people you would love to work with….Who do you care about that needs extra money? Who is currently successful at what they already do? Schedule a call or a simple get‐together with your sponsor and RVP or NVP 1. ___________________________________ 3. ___________________________________

2. ___________________________________ 4. ___________________________________

5. ___________________________________

Develop your Powerful Eye Story – (outline attached) “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt 21 Reasons Why YOU Need Arbonne 1.





















100 Person Contact List Take a few minutes to write down the names of everyone you know and everyone

–  –  –

Dear ________. I am really looking forward to spending time pampering you and your friends at your home on _____ day. I've reserved that time on my calendar just for you. I don't know if you realize, but I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to share Arbonne with you and your friends. It means the world to me. We are all going to have so much fun!

When we write a short hand-written note, the hostess knows that this is important to us and that we appreciate her efforts so she works harder to make the party stick. We can even include a small sample (hair mask, enzyme peel or makeup primer) so we have something to talk about the next time we call.

2. We give her a Host Planner (if booked off a party, then she'll be handed the planner that night). This document is available on www.kimhaler.com on the Arbonne Tools Party Docs tab. Be sure to modify it with your information (instead of mine) before printing.

3. We call the hostess to touch base about once a week and again 3 days before her party.

When we call, we can say things such as:

Hi, _____. I'm just calling today to touch base. I'm really looking forward to spending time with you and your friends next ______ (or on ________ day). Have you received your products (or tried your samples or checked out the catalog) yet? [Listen to her response] I'm really looking forward to helping you get everything you want at 80% off! Our host rewards are really generous, for every $250 in party sales, you get $100 for $20 if you want! Is there anything you would like me to bring to your party for you to try? [Listen to her response] Thank you again for having a few friends over so that I can spoil you with facials! I really appreciate it! I'll see you on _________.

4. We mail her invitations. We can also do an e-vite for them too, but mailing an invitation is the only way we know that her guests received an invitation. How many emails do we receive and never open? There are simple invitations available on www.kimhaler.com that we modify with our host information, print on pretty paper and send for her. Mailing the invitation guarantees that her guests know they are invited. Here's the type of verbiage we use when requesting a guest list with addresses from our hostesses.

Hi, ______. I am so looking forward to your get together on ________ day. I recommend getting invitations in the mail at least 2 weeks prior to your event. I love mailing invitations out for my hostesses. I print them on really pretty paper and sprinkle dried lavender inside. Everybody loves them. Do you think you can email me your guest list with addresses by ____ day so that I'm sure to have your invites in the mail for you in time?

If they say that they'll just call or email their friends we say something like:

That's great! In fact, calling our guests is the best way to invite them, but even then I've noticed people really like getting a physical invitation. Especially the pretty ones that I make. It gives them something to post on their fridge so they don't forget. Again, I'm more than happy to send them for you and I know more people will come if I do. All I need is a list of addresses. Do you think you could get them to me by ____ day? That will give us more than enough time.

Host Coaching Step-by-Step with Sample Verbiage

5. We call the hostess 3 days before the party. This is really important. Most likely she hasn't heard back from very many people. If this is the case, the hostess is about to cancel her event. By us calling 3 days before her event, we can assure her that this is normal. People have simply gotten out of the habit of RSVPing. We let her know that it's time for her to call her guests. When she does, her guests will know that the event is still happening

and that the hostess is excited about it. We can coach our hostesses by saying something like:

No worries ________. This happens all the time. People have simply gotten out of the habit of RSVPing. It's time to give your friends a quick phone call to personally invite them to come on over and have some fun on _______ night.

At this point it's important for us to let our hostesses know that we don't care how many people come and we really don't. We are going to have a wonderful time sharing Arbonne with whomever comes. honestly prefer small parties people. We get to really know people in smaller groups and this is a relationship business. We want to get to know and build relationships with people. That's much harder in a large group. Hostesses think they need a lot of people to make it worth our time. We need to help them let go of that expectation.

There's 3 people coming. That's great! We will be able to really have fun getting to know one another. I love when I get to really spend time listening to people so that I know how to best help them. This is much easier in a smaller group setting. But, if you want, you can let your guests know that if they bring a friend I will give them both a special gift from me. [We give them each a mini FC5 hand cream or sachets filled with unwind bath salts].

6. At the party, be generous to your host in front of her guests. We want to thank you and give her a small wrapped gift (that we purchased in our $100 for $20's - unwind bath salts are great because we can get 5 for $20 - that's $4 each!).

7. We book parties off of parties and start this list all over again with the new hostess. This is how we always keep our calendars full - by booking parties off of parties and building our relationships with our hostesses. The system we use for booking parties off of parties is two-fold.

One, we use the End of Party Product Packages document (available at gayla.myarbonne.com on the Consultant Resources tab) so that they can see the immediate savings they get on their current order by "having a few friends over." This builds the sales at the current party so that our current host maximizes her host rewards. We are generously giving future hostesses our Consultant discount at the current party if they put a party on our calendar today. We only give them our discount if they put that date on our books right then. This discourages people from holding onto their order until their own party (not ordering tonight). They will have a much better party if they start using the products BEFORE their party (placing their order at the current party with our discount) because they will love their products and will be excited about sharing them with their friends. [If you haven't yet used the End of Party Packages document, please take a moment to put the items from each package in your shopping cart to learn how the packages work. If you don't do this, you won't ever use the document because you won't understand how it works.] Two, bring fun booking gifts that future hosts booking today to take home with them. We get these for cheep from the Dollar Store. Cosmetic bags with a shower puff and small sample are always a hit!

–  –  –

How does a Consultant maintain their Consultant status?

• $150+ PRV and one new $150+signup every month.

How does a Consultant grow a strong, stable business?

• Consistently do 2 group get-togethers a week.

• At group get-togethers we sponsor. We build our businesses by growing our networks of consumers (retail clients and Preferred Clients) and Consultants.

• At group get-togethers we schedule more group get-togethers. We get to know the friends of our clients – new people that we would not otherwise meet. If we always book new get-togethers off of our current get-togethers, our calendars are always full!

• At group get-togethers we sell products. Guests get to sample all our products in a fun, social atmosphere. We then share with them how they can purchase these products at retail or at a discount with a Preferred Client membership.

• We follow up with everyone to nurture a relationship and assist with reorders.

Why should a Consultant promote to District Manager?

Promote to get paid more for the same work – a pay raise!

• Increase Override Commission: earn 8% on override volume from Personal Retail Volume (PRV, orders placed under own ID number) and override volume from all orders placed by anyone in your Central District.

• Increase RSVP Bonus: earn an additional $25 for every RSVP purchased in your Central District.

• $200 District Manager Cash Bonus with $5,000 RV and at least 5 new $150+ signups in Central District.

How do Consultants promote to District Manager?

1. A minimum of $800 Personal Retail Volume (PRV) or $2,000 Retail Volume (RV) in the first qualification month, AND 2. $4,800 RV in 1 month, $4,800 RV in 2 months or $6,000 RV in 3 months.

3. Must have a minimum of $2,000 RV in last month of qualification.

How many group get-togethers does it take to promote to District Manager?

• Take the average group get-togethers RV and divide it by the total RV goal. This will give us the total number of group get-togethers needed to hit the goal.

• As an example if the goal is $4,800 and the average group get-togethers RV is $400, a Consultant will need $4,800/$400=12 group get-togethers to promote.

• Of that $4,800, a Consultant must have at least $800 PRV as described above.

Disclaimer: This document is provided as a tool to help illustrate and explain Arbonne’s published U.S. SuccessPlan which is the governing document for all Arbonne Independent Consultants in the United States. To the extent there are any inconsistencies between the Arbonne U.S. SuccessPlan and this document, the Arbonne U.S. SuccessPlan controls. You are strongly encouraged to independently read and understand Arbonne’s U.S. SuccessPlan.

Redirect Your Spending to ‘Arbonnize’ Your Home You already spend money at the department store, grocery store or drug store for a variety of personal care items. With Arbonne, you can redirect the money you are already spending and start using pure, safe and beneficial products at a great savings!

–  –  –

These materials have been produced by Kim Haler, an Arbonne Independent Consultant, and are not official materials prepared or provided by Arbonne International, LLC. Arbonne makes no promises or guarantees that any Consultant will be financially successful as each Consultant’s results are dependent on his or her own skill and effort. Actual financial results of all Arbonne Independent Consultants for the preceding year are contained in Arbonne’s Independent Consultant Compensation Summary, which is included with these materials. You may also view the Independent Consultant Compensation Summary on Arbonne’s official website at http://www.arbonne.com/company/iccs.asp. [April 2010]


4 Bags…..2 Trips to the Car!

(1) Spa Bins with Marbles or Liners (13 gallon kitchen trash bags work great for liners)

Towels, Washrags, Foot Spa Products:

either (Detox Wash, Detox Scrub, Detox Gelee, Detox Lotion ) OR (ABC Body Wash, Unwind Bath Salts, Awaken Sea salt Scrub, Re9 Firming Body Lotion) (2) Product Bag – generally a pull suitcase Any products you want!

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