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«Fire Safety Policy Fire Safety Strategy West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service Oakroyd Hall Birkenshaw Bradford BD11 2DY Date Issued: 01/04/2013 Review ...»

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Children and Young People’s Strategy

Engagement with children and young people is a vital part of the Prevention Strategy. The strategy aims to deliver an approach to children and young people through two strands. Firstly, general education to children and young people to keep them safe from fire and fire related accidents; and secondly, programmes and interventions which deliver effective reduction of antisocial fire crime behaviour (including attacks on firefighters) and engage with children and young people who are on the cusp of offending or have already offended.

The Youth Training Team are responsible for leading and advising on activities involving children and young people. This work is both re-active and proactive encompassing preventative education for young people at risk of falling into anti-social or criminal behaviour referred by other agencies and intensive programmes for young people already in the criminal justice system.

Page 30 of 38 Work with Children and Young People within West Yorkshire is delivered in a number of ways depending on the specifics of an individual case or in response to an increasing trend in incidents in a geographical location and may include adopting a tailor made approach to a specific need. Interventions are deployed in a broadly hierarchical way dependent the level of

the issue in a locality or with an individual and include:

 School Talks  Child Fire Awareness Programme  Young Firefighters Scheme  Engagement with Young Offenders School Talks Year 5 talks are provided to schools across West Yorkshire by operational personnel and cover both fire and road safety messages to encourage safe behaviours. These talks are provided to all Year 5 pupils each year and are supported by a wide range of educational resources. In order to ensure the greatest benefit, school talks are also used to help educate young people about the risks of fire during specific periods, for example bonfire and firework safety messages delivered prior to the bonfire period.

Arson specific school talks are targeted to areas experiencing a high number of deliberate fires.

These are especially appropriate where local intelligence points to the involvement of children and young people..

Child Fire Awareness Programme This programme aims to address fire setting behaviour by children and young people. It offers one to one education with young people by trained Fire and Rescue staff, usually within their own home and in the presence of a parent or guardian. Referrals to the Fire and Rescue Service are usually from the parents or guardians of the child, although this is often prompted by schools or other professionals working in the community. This work is coordinated by the Youth Training Team and delivered by trained staff across the Prevention Team.

Young Firefighters’ Scheme The Young Firefighters‟ Scheme is the primary method used by WYFRS for medium term engagement with young people. The content of the course includes practical lessons in the use

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Successful completion of the two-year course results in students achieving a BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) Level Two Qualification in the Fire and Rescue Service in the Community. This has gained approval from the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL) and is included on “the register of regulated qualifications” for both preand post-16 year olds.

The target audience for the full BTEC is young people attending formal education who are between 14 and 16, who have been identified as being able to benefit from a practical element to their learning that takes place outside the traditional school environment.

A strategic review of the Young Firefighters‟ Scheme has been carried out and based existing provision and anticipated future need, the following locations are listed for YFF activities. Where new fire stations are built as a result of IRMP interventions to replace any of the stations listed, Young Firefighters‟ facilities will be incorporated into these locations.

Wakefield District  Castleford, (relocated to Normanton during the refurbishment )  Wakefield,  Ossett Bradford District  Fairweather Green  Keighley Kirklees District  Dewsbury  Huddersfield Leeds District  Gipton  Stanningley Calderdale District  Halifax.

In addition to the full 2 year course a number of short courses are also in operation to meet the diverse needs of the agencies and young people WYFRS engage with. All courses are externally funded by the participating schools and agencies.

Page 32 of 38 Engagement with Young Offenders The Youth Training Team also work with targeted young people who benefit from a range of schemes and work with the Youth Offending and Probation Services to educate and rehabilitate those individuals convicted of arson or vehicle related crime. The overall objective of this work is the stabilisation and rehabilitating of offenders both in the community and prior to release, thereby reducing risk in the area and helping to integrate offenders back into the community.

Vulnerable Adults’ Strategy

The philosophy throughout the Prevention Strategy is that resources will be committed to those areas or individuals who are at the greatest level of risk. A significant amount of research has been carried out both locally and nationally to identify those groups at greatest risk and the methods. This subsequently leads to a wide range of interventions that can be applied in order to reduce the level of risk to an individual.

The individuals with the following characteristics or behaviours may be considered to be at

heightened risk from fire:

 People who have poor mobility  People who undertake unsafe smoking practices  People who have mental health issues  People who undertake unsafe cooking practices  People who have an alcohol or drug dependency  People who have specific housekeeping issues  People who are living alone  People who have medical oxygen systems in their homes  People with visual or aural impairment  People for whom English is not their first language WYFRS has available a wide range of interventions which assist with improving the safety of vulnerable adults, these include specific “deaf alarms”, fire resistant bedding and portable sprinkler systems, however, in many instances the preferred risk reduction measures involve working with partners and developing plans that will assist in supporting the individual or in changing their behaviours.

Page 33 of 38 A significant part of the Vulnerable Adults Strategy which also links to children and young people is the Safeguarding policy and its associated procedures. WYFRS actively promotes its commitment to preventing abuse and safeguarding children and vulnerable adults by reporting concerns of abuse and being proactive in its work with other agencies to stop abuse occurring.

WYFRS personnel are often in a position to identify at risk vulnerable children and adults and can ensure concerns of abuse or neglect arising in the course of their duties are reported appropriately.

The designated persons in WYFRS for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults are the relevant District Prevention Manager or First Call Area Manager. The Fire Prevention Team provide support and guidance on the implementation of this procedure and the process for feeding data into the Partnership Board and Service Delivery Board.

Road Safety Strategy

No single agency can be solely responsible for reducing the number of Road Traffic Collisions (RTC) or their impact and so, the Road Safety Strategy focuses on working with partners to reduce the number of incidents. West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service are represented on the West Yorkshire Safer Roads strategy and delivery groups playing a vital role and sharing intelligence, developing resources and promoting road safety education. This is supported by district Prevention teams being represented at local sub groups. This means that positive working relationships have been developed with each local district authority and road safety professionals including West Yorkshire Police, Yorkshire Ambulance Service and the Local Authorities RTCs do not affect all groups to the same level and certain demographic groups are affected more than other groups. RTCs are the highest cause of death amongst the 15-24 age group and drivers under the age of 25 are seven times more likely to be involved in an accident, especially during their first two years of driving. For this reason this group provides a very specific focus for Road Traffic Collision reduction activity.

In developing this strategy WYFRS has considered and supports the Key Themes of the Government‟s “Strategic Framework for Road Safety”.

The response to RTC reduction is very clearly one that involves a wide range of approaches in

terms of Prevention, Protection and Intervention activities:

–  –  –

Protection  Lobbying for improved vehicle safety design  Assist, identify and improve high risk locations on roads  Development of specific tactical plans for specific changes to road network (eg managed motorways) Intervention  Improved extrication techniques  Improved extrication equipment  Improved working with police and ambulance  Improved data collection and information sharing  Scene preservation  Training Liaison is vital between partners to collaborate and develop appropriate initiatives in education, engineering and enforcement. The objective is to achieve a reduction in road related death and injury across West Yorkshire.

WYFRS will continue to work with partners to maximise the publicity and awareness of road safety issues to all members of our communities and targeted community groups.

Training Strategy The Fire Prevention Training Team are responsible for ensuring that training programmes are developed for both fire prevention and operational staff, which are delivered in conjunction with the Training department.

A competent workforce sits at the heart of this strategy. WYFRS recognise the importance of training and development towards the success of fire prevention work and are committed to Page 35 of 38 continuous professional development providing competence based training at appropriate career and development points. Personnel completing fire prevention duties whether they are operational officers or specialist fire prevention staff will be provided with the correct level of training and development required for the level of work they undertake. They will work to professional standards and adhere to the policies and procedures laid down by the Fire and Rescue Service.

Communications Strategy In terms of communications, WYFRS will be required to engage with a wide range of stakeholders. The Fire Prevention Team, District staff and Corporate Communications will work together to ensure that engagement is optimised.

There will be, primarily, two types of communication:

 Those communications that are proactive in nature, planned and focused around a particular campaign or known coming event, such as any of the Fire Kills campaigns, Christmas or Bonfire campaigns.

 Those communications that are reactive in nature, which generally relate to an incident and may give rise to the opportunity to deliver a specific message.

In the development of communication messages consideration should be given as to the stakeholders who are being targeted by the message.

Performance Monitoring Performance monitoring for the departmental objectives and the management of personnel will continue to operate within the Performance Management Framework and will utilise the Performance Management System. The Management will use the following management tools

to report on departmental performance:

 The Prevention Database  PMS (Performance Management System)  SAP  Quality Sampling Page 36 of 38 Ultimately, the Area Manager Fire Safety is responsible for performance management of Fire Prevention to the Director of Service Delivery, Service Delivery and Community Safety Committee.

To achieve consistently high standards of data quality in our performance information a comprehensive management and accountability framework is required. To support this, it is

critical that the following are in place:

 Staff knowledge of data to be provided  The procedures in place for data recording and reporting  The responsibilities of staff to achieve the data quality standards  The systems and processes in place to ensure data quality  The arrangements and controls in place for monitoring and review of data  The guidelines for presenting information to a variety of audiences Data quality is the responsibility of every member of staff entering, extracting or analysing data from any of the Authority‟s information systems. Every relevant person should therefore be aware of his or her responsibilities with regard to data quality.

As part of the Performance Management framework, quality sampling will be undertaken by the Prevention Department to ensure a standard and consistent approach is being maintained. The Quality Sampling of operational personnel will be the responsibility of District Prevention Managers (DPM). The Quality Sampling of Prevention personnel will be overseen by the Fire Prevention Team Officer (FPTO). Both DPM‟s and the FPTO will feedback to the Partnership, Policy and Volunteering Officer (PPVO) who will ensure that appropriate action is taken.

External agencies perform HFSC on behalf of WYFRS. In these circumstances, quality sampling will be carried out at the discretion of the District Prevention Manager and PPVO. Any issues arising as a result of the quality sampling will be referred to the relevant agency and further training may be offered as part of the partnership agreement.

Fire Prevention Information Strategy

The overall Information Strategy for Fire Prevention is to ensure that wherever possible modern developments are used to enhance rather than restrict the delivery of service, with that in mind the goal is to minimise the level of administrative burden that is associated with the delivery of Fire Prevention.

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