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«DOCUMENT RESUME ED 278 089 EA 019 067 AUTHOR McCune, Shirley D. TITLE Guide to Strategic Planning for Educators. INSTITUTION Association for ...»

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United Way of America. Strategic Management and United WayA Guideline Series. Strategic Planning Division, 701 North Fairfax St., Alexandria,

VA 22314-2045, 1985. Booklets in the series include:

1. Strategic Management and United Wcy. An overview of the strategic process, including process steps, benefits, costs, and how to get started.

2. Environmental Analysis. How to do environmental analysis. Discusses use of environmental,...anning, environmental monitoring, and scenario development to define external threats to and opportunities for the organization.

3. Organizational Assessment. How to assess the organization's internal strengths arid weaknesses and its competitive position by looking at both resources and operations. Reviews methods for organizational assessment, including comparative analysis, analysis of performance history, self-assessment, surveys, interviews, and focus groups.

4. Strategic Direction. How to use data from environmental analysis and organizational assessment to review the mission, set objectives, and identify strategic issues critical to the organization.

5. Strategic Plan. How to document specific courses of action and define how the organization is going to fulfill its mission and objectives in dealing with critical issues.

6_ Implementation, How to organize and motivate people to carry out a strategic plan.

7. Performance Evaluation. How to compare actual results with anticipated or desired results of the strategic process. How to keep implementation on target by adjusting strategies, resources, and timing.

8. Case Studies. This volume will follow publication of booklets 1-7 and will review the experiences of pilot United Ways in using the strategic management process.

United Way of America. What Lies AheadA Mid-Decade View: An Environmental Scan Report. Alexandria, Va.: United Way of America, 1985.

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