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«Connector for Microsoft Dynamics® Installation Guide June 2014 Find updates to this documentation at the following location: ...»

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2. On the Map page, expand the Filter area.

3. Click Add new condition.

4. In the Source field, select an attribute to sort records by.

Note: Only base level source types are available for the filter.

5. Select an operator function in the Comparator field.

6. In the Value field, select or enter a value.

7. To add another condition statement, click Add new condition, and then select And or Or to further constrain the condition queries.

8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 for the new condition.

9. Click Save to save all of the filter conditions. The next time the map is run, it will use the conditions to filter the records that are integrated.


Save a map to file

1. Open Connector for Microsoft Dynamics. In the navigation pane, go to the integration to work with.

2. Go to the modified map to save to the file. Right-click the map and select Save Map to File.

3. Go to or browse to the file directory or folder where you want to save the file.

Note: Do not save modified maps in the same folder as the templates. To save modified maps to the Program Files directory, create a unique folder for the modified maps in the “%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Dynamics\Microsoft Dynamics Adapter\Templates\Maps” directory (or to your “%ProgramFilesx86%\Microsoft Dynamics\Microsoft Dynamics Adapter\Templates\Maps” directory if you are running on a 64-bit machine).

4. Provide a unique file name for your map. Make sure that you use the.map file extension.

5. Click Save. Connector for Microsoft Dynamics now includes your modified map.

Note: Filters are not saved when you save a map to a file. To copy filter settings from the original map, you must modify these settings manually.


Set up notifications You can set up notifications so that, when an exception occurs, a notification email is sent to you or a user that you specify. You also can specify how often exception notices are sent. Notifications can be

set up for the types of exceptions listed below:

 System-level exception – An exception that might occur when you have insufficient rights to complete a task that you attempt. Example: “User is not authorized to perform the request operations in AX web services.”  Business logic exception – An exception that might occur when the business logic within a Microsoft Dynamics application prevents Connector for Microsoft Dynamics from completing a task.

Example: “The Customer cannot be set to Inactive, because Customer Bob Kelly has posted or unposted transactions.”  Unrecognized exception – An exception that Connector for Microsoft Dynamics for the Microsoft Dynamics ERP does not recognize.

The email addresses that exception notifications are sent to must be SMTP compliant. Validation is not performed on the email addresses that are entered. Be sure to enter email addresses that are SMTP compliant, otherwise email notifications will not be sent.

Note: All email addresses are authenticated. Anonymous send for notifications is not supported. User names and passwords for non-domain accounts are not supported.

Complete the following procedure for each type of exception.

Setting up notifications

1. Open Connector for Microsoft Dynamics. In the navigation pane, click Settings.

2. On the Settings page, expand the Exception Notifications area.

3. Select one of the following options:

 Don’t send – Do not send notifications for this exception type. If you select this option, the other options in this procedure are not available.

 Send immediately – Send a notification when each exception occurs.

 Send a daily summary – Send one email a day that lists each exception that occurred during the day.

 Send a weekly summary – Send one email a week that lists each exception that occurred during the week.

Note: Notification emails are sent using the timezone that is specified in the Connector client.

4. In the SMTP Server field, enter the SMTP server name or IP address of the host that is used to send the notification emails.

5. In the Port field, enter the port number on the SMTP server that is used for SMTP transactions.

6. In the From field, enter the email address to send notifications from.

7. In the To field, enter the email addresses to send notifications to. Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.

Note: Security email groups are supported in Connector for Microsoft Dynamics. If you use a security email group, the email group must have the db_datareader and db_datawriter security permissions on the MSDI database. Users that are assigned to the security group inherit these permissions.


Maintenance The following sections explain how to maintain your integrations.

Review the log file The log displays a list of events that occur during the integration process. Sometimes these events are exceptions that you may need to resolve. By default, the events are sorted in the order that they are received, but can be sorted further by selecting one or more of the headings at the top of the Log page and dragging the heading into the space above the headings. You can also change the sort order by clicking on any of the column headings. To filter the information to display, click the right side of any column heading, and then click a check box to select the value. Double-click any message to view message properties and any mediation steps available, or to reset the retry count for the record.

The three types of event severity are:

 Error – An event that describes a significant problem, such as the failure of a critical task. Error events may involve loss of data or loss of functionality. An error event is always either a Retrying or Not Retrying event.

 Warn – An event that is not necessarily significant, but may indicate the possible occurrence of a future problem. A warning is always either a Retrying or Not Retrying event.

 Info – An event that that provides information.

The three types of log message Status are:

 Attempting to integrate - This record is in a retry state and will continue to retry integration until it either integrates successfully or the maximum number of retries (7) is reached. If the maximum number of retries is reached and the record does not successfully integrate, the status will change to Failed to integrate. You can double-click the message to view the message details where you can stop retrying, or reset retries.

 Integrated after initial error – This record was originally in a retry state and was able to successfully integrate on one of the successive retry attempts.

 Failed to integrate – This record was unable to successfully integrate.

Navigating to the log file  From a notification email – In the notification email, click the name of a map. The log page for the map is displayed in a web browser. To set up notification emails, see Set up notifications.

 From any page in the client – In the left pane, click Log. The Log page is displayed and lists all events for all maps in the integration.

 From a map page in the client – Click the View log for this map link. The Log page is displayed and lists only the events for the map that you were viewing.

Tip: If the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is not properly set up, the following web services exception

occurs. This will be caught by the Service and logged: “The underlying connection was closed:

Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.” View the log file in a web browser In the most recent version of Connector for Microsoft Dynamics, you can view the log file in a web browser. Open the notification email and click on the name of a map to view the log for that map. You can search entries by date, description, severity, and the Dynamics Integration Key of the entity.

Note: To view the log in a web browser, you must have the db_datareader and db_datawriter security permissions in the MSDI database, or be assigned to the security email group that has those permissions. For more information, see Set up notifications.


Turning on the logging diagnostic tool You can turn on additional logging in Connector for Microsoft Dynamics by setting the Trace option in one or more of Connector for Microsoft Dynamics configuration files. The configuration trace option can be used as a diagnostic tool to obtain more integration activity details. To activate Trace, open the individual configuration files and set the appropriate trace value.

Security note: Any user who has access to the computer running the integration process will also have access to the log files. To protect the log files, you must make sure that only users whom you trust have access to the computer that runs the integration process.

All configuration files are stored under %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Dynamics\Microsoft Dynamics Adapter (or under the %ProgramFilesx86%\Microsoft Dynamics\Microsoft Dynamics Adapter directory if

you are running on a 64-bit machine). Tracing can be activated on the following configuration files:

 Microsoft.Dynamics.Integration.Client.exe.config  Microsoft.Dynamics.Integration.Client.ServiceController.exe.config  ConnectorServiceHost.exe.config To activate logging, close the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics client. Then, modify the value of the Microsoft.Dynamics.Integration.TraceLog switch. Below is a code sample from one of the config files with the pertinent information.

system.diagnostics switches add name="Microsoft.Dynamics.Integration.TraceLog" value="0"/ /switches /system.diagnostics After tracing or logging is turned on, *.log files, which contain diagnostic and debugging information, will be generated. In Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012, these log files are stored in the

following location:

%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft Dynamics\Microsoft Dynamics Adapter\Logs Example: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft Dynamics\Microsoft Dynamics Adapter\Logs The name of the log file is based upon which process has tracing or logging activated.

 If logging is enabled for the client, then you will find a Microsoft.Dynamics.Integration.Client.log file under one of the above directories.

 If logging is enabled for the service, then you will find a Microsoft.Dynamics.Integration.Service.log file under one of the above directories.

Logging is turned off (a value of zero) when Connector for Microsoft Dynamics is installed.

Note: After you are done using Trace, turn off the option or the log file will get very large.


Delete integrations and maps

Files related to deleted integrations and maps are stored in the following folder:

%TEMP%\DeletedIntegrations Deleted integrations and maps are saved with a randomly generated, unique name, followed by an.intx extension for deleted integrations and a.mapx extension for deleted maps. This is done to ensure that older deleted versions are not overwritten. The file is stamped with the current time so that you can sort by the modified date to locate a specific deleted integration or map.

The location of the TEMP file is specified in the Environment Variables window on your system. Click Start Control Panel System Advanced system settings. On the Advanced tab, click the Environment Variables button.

Delete all integrations

1. In the left pane of the application window, right-click on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP/Microsoft Dynamics CRM node and select Delete.

2. Click Yes to delete the integrations and all of the maps within the integrations.

Delete one integration

1. In the left pane of the application window, right-click on the integration node and select Delete.

2. Click Yes to delete the integration and all of the maps within the integration.

Delete a map

1. In the left pane of the application window, right-click on the map to delete and select Delete.

2. Click Yes to delete the map.


Additional information For more information about using Connector for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, and for troubleshooting tips and customization techniques, see the “Connector – Integrating Dynamics ERP with Dynamics CRM” blog on MSDN (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/dynamicsconnector/).

For information about integrating with Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems, see the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics ERP configuration guide for your ERP system.


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